Chemical Peels Sugar Land

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Chemical Peels Sugar Land

Chemical Peels

Aging, acne and exposure to the sun can have negative effects on your skin tone. These factors can leave your skin looking scarred, spotted, wrinkled or uneven. If you have acne scars, liver spots, wrinkles, fine lines, rough scaly skin, sun-damaged skin or freckles and you are looking to improve your skin, chemical peels are most likely the treatment for you. Chemical peels can make your skin look younger and smoother by removing the damaged outer layers of your skin. Chemical peels, which are sometimes referred to as chemexfoliation or derma peeling, is an noninvasive treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Chemical peels come in various levels of strength for various levels of skin issues. In order to decide which strength of chemical peel is right for you, it is best that you consult with your Sugar Land dermatologist.

Light Chemical Peel

A light chemical peel shows a milder skin improvement than the stronger chemical peels. However, most Sugar Land patients tend to see a subtle glow about their skin that develops as they undergo repeated light chemical peels. Acne or fine wrinkling, dryness and uneven pigment are all problems well within the reach of a light chemical peel. In this level of chemical peel, only the top outer skin layer is removed with a very light exfoliation.

Perform The Exfoliation

Only the mildest chemicals are used to perform the exfoliation in order to achieve the light chemical peel. Light chemical peels can be undergone on a weekly basis, so you can continue to build the glowing effect that they give your skin.

Medium Chemical Peel

A medium chemical peel, on the other hand, is for Sugar Land patients who are having issues with deeper wrinkles, uneven coloring in their skin and acne scars. In this level of chemical peel, both the very top outer layer of skin and a small portion of the outer part of the middle layer of skin are removed. Medium chemical peels leave a Sugar Land patientís skin looking much fresher and smoother than it did before the treatment. A little stronger combination of chemicals is used for this level of chemical peel.

Deep Chemical Peel

Another option is the deep chemical peel. This level of chemical peel tends to produce dramatic results. However, the recovery from a deep chemical peel can take significantly longer than a chemical peel of a lower strength. Nevertheless, for a Sugar Land patient with excessive sun damage, severe scarring, blotchy areas or deep facial wrinkles, a deep chemical peel may be the best choice. The strongest chemicals are used in order to accomplish the extreme effects that tend to erase these intense skin issues. These chemicals will penetrate down to the lower layers of your skin, really purging the skin of all its upper level damages. Sometimes a local anesthetic or sedative may be used in order to curb the discomfort of this intense chemical peel. Also, your Sugar Land dermatologist may choose to put you on a medication to prep you for the procedure by thinning out the upper layer of the skin in order to allow for maximum penetration by the deep chemical peel.

Chemical Peels Sugar Land

Different levels of chemical peels can be used in order to solve almost any complexion problem. There is no reason to be constantly bothered by the complexion of your skin. Visit your Sugar Land dermatologist and look into these minimally invasive chemical peels. They can work wonders for your complexion, erasing the appearance of all of those unwanted blemishes that you constantly attempt to keep covered with foundation and powder. Chemical peels are an amazing solution to the complexion blunders that most people attempt to simply ignore and deal with. Want to erase all the external damage to your skin and start off fresh? A chemical peel can do just that.