Photofacial Sugar Land

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Photofacial Sugar Land


Skin treatments involving a light based technology are referred to as photofacials. Photofacials are used to treat broken capillaries, brown spots and low collagen levels. Though a regular skin care routine may be necessary to achieve the best possible results from your photofacial, few other noninvasive treatments that promise younger looking skin have such a short recovery time. The photofacial, which is sometimes referred to as photorejuvenation, uses nothing but light to alter the skin, smoothing your complexion and stimulating collagen growth.

Beam Of Light

In a photofacial, a devise is used to shoot a beam of light at the skin to heat the inner layers of the skin. At the same time, the outer layers of skin are being cooled. Treatments are quick and usually a session will last under an hour. Sugar Land patients wishing to get rid of sun damage, rosacea and discolored scars are perfect candidates for photofacials. By reducing redness and evening out the skin tone, a photofacial provides a flawless complexion that every Sugar Land patient would love to try on for size. Also, the light involved in the treatment packs a hidden punch. It can kill bacterium that causes acne to arise! So not only are you purchasing a brand new amazingly even complexion, but also an attack on the bacteria that is causing acne on your face.

Perfect Complexion

As if the promise of a nearly perfect complexion was not enough, photofacials also boast a nonexistent recovery time! That is right. The moment that you leave your Sugar Land dermatologist’s office, you will be ready to show off your brand new look. This is by far one of the qualities of the photofacial that most people lust after. People want results and they want them now. No one wants to spend weeks recovering before they can see their cosmetic improvements. Photofacials provide the customer with exactly what they desire: immediate complexion refurbishment.

Light Beams Hit Their Skin

Though the Sugar Land patient may feel a slight amount of discomfort as the light beams hit their skin, there is no real pain involved in a photofacial. This is another reason that many people opt for a photofacial as their primary treatment for an imbalanced complexion. Though a mild “sunburn” might be felt after the procedure, this mild discomfort is a significantly better option than the recovery pain felt by those who go under the knife. Like most noninvasive cosmetic treatments, photofacials need to be followed up with successive treatments. However, most Sugar Land patients welcome these successive but short Sugar Land dermatological visits as a happy alternative to the weeks that they might have spent recovering from an invasive cosmetic surgery.

Photofacial Sugar Land

Photofacials are a fantastic alternative for the patient who is looking to give his or her skin an upgrade without going under the knife or spending a lengthy amount of time recovering from their treatments. If you are looking for a complexion update such as this one with minimal recovery time, you should definitely speak with your Sugar Land dermatologist about a photofacial. The amount of noninvasive cosmetic procedures that are being created is astounding. It is definitely time that your average Joe or Jane loses his or her fear to give their body a little tune up. Photofacials would be a great first try with cosmetic enhancement. They do not require much time to undergo the treatment and they require even less time to recover from the treatment. Not a single sick day needs to be used!