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Stafford Dermatology


Skin issues and the diseases that cause them fall under the medical study of dermatology. As it contains both medical and surgical aspects, dermatology is a very unique medical field. Filler injections, hair removal, laser therapy, photodynamic therapy, cryosurgery, radiation therapy, systemic therapy and topical therapy are all examples of treatments and procedures that occur in the field of Stafford dermatology. However, within the field, there are many subspecialties. A very rich history that can be observed in the progress of dermatology as it became recognized as a medical science also makes dermatology a unique field. Nevertheless, the diseases considered by the dermatological field are debatably more important than both dermatological subcategories and dermatological history put together.

Branches of the Dermatological Field

Branches of the dermatological field include cosmetic dermatology, dermatopathology and teledermatology. Botox, laser surgery and fillers often fall under the subcategory of Stafford cosmetic dermatology. These surgeries performed by cosmetic dermatologists, however, are very minimally invasive. A fellowship in either surgery or laser medicine is usually the educational route chosen by a prospective cosmetic dermatologist. Diseases that can affect the skin are closely studied in the subcategory of dermatopathology. The completion of two residencies, one in dermatopathology and the other in pathology, is the usual educational route for a prospective dermatopathologist. Yet another subcategory of dermatology is teledermatology.

Dermatology Stafford

Publications like The Canon of Medicine describe the involved history that occurred before Stafford dermatology became a widely recognized science. Amazingly, the authors of this book were already aware of a disease that sounds highly similar to skin cancer! The authors also described zinc oxide as a treatment for the ailment and, although it is no longer considered a primary treatment for skin cancer by the field of dermatology, many products that treat skin irritations such as baby powder, diaper rash cream and anti-dandruff shampoo still use this product. One of the first scientific books discussing Dermatology, De Morbis Cutaneis, was written in the late 1500s. The title of this book means “on the diseases of the skin” and the text discussed scientifically many different diseases. One of the most notable schools of dermatology opened in the early 1800s, which was called the Hopital Saint-Louis.

Field of Dermatology

Though the historical establishment of the field of dermatology proves to be fascinating to some, the disease that Stafford dermatology addresses are most commonly revered as the most significant component of the science. Eczema is an example of a disease that Stafford dermatology deals with. Dermatitis, or the inflammation of the outer most layer of skin, is one of the most easily identified symptoms of eczema. However, other symptoms of eczema include dryness, redness, crusting, itching, flaking, blistering and cracking. The aim of dermatologists who are treating a patient with eczema is to control its symptoms. Dermatologists use corticosteroids most commonly to attack eczema symptoms. Sometimes, the steroids are prescribed in the form of a topical ointment but, when a stronger prescription is necessary, injectable and oral versions are available. Anti-itch medications, such as antihistamines, are also commonly enlisted by dermatologists to assist in ceasing a patient’s eczema symptoms.

Stafford Dermatology

A plethora of subcategory fields that serve specific interests exist within the field of dermatology. Early works tell those interested of its rich history. However, in the minds of most, the diseases examined by Stafford dermatologists are the most crucial reason why dermatology is such an integral part of the medical field. No matter how many different specialties there are in dermatology or how lengthy of a history dermatology has, patients living with skin problems are in need of doctors who specialize in the specific issues that afflict their skin.