Sugar Land Acne Scar Treatment

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Sugar Land Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Scars are unsightly scores that blemish our skin as we progress through our lives. Whether created by ourselves, accidents, or outside factors these abrasions on our bodies can cause us to be ashamed of our appearance. Scars can rob a person of their confidence, forcing them to live with the worry that the people surrounding them see nothing more than their unwanted wound.

Treatment In Sugar Land

However, those with acne scarring need not lose hope! Modern medical marvels have allowed us to identify scars and even categorize them. This system of classification also tells us how the scar was most likely created, and how we might make it less visible, or if we can possibly make it invisible.

Removing Scars

Removing scars is a complicated process that requires high tech instruments as well as highly trained specialists, such as dermatologists. Sometimes acne scar treatment can be a lengthy process. However, if you are able to remove a scar that leaves you constantly self-conscious, any length of acne scar treatment process is well worth the effort. Consult with your dermatologist today if you are constantly wishing that your undesired acne scars would simply fade away. Unfortunately, acne scars will never fade away on their own. But, with the help of a dermatologist and some acne scar treatment, they can be made less noticeable or possibly even invisible to the naked eye.

Acne Scar Removal

Acne scar removal is a contact free procedure that uses laser technology. The first step involves a topical cream that is a mild anesthetic. This cream helps to relieve any pain that may be felt by the patient, even though the process is usually considered to be painless. After preparation, a computer-guided laser that emits heat is used to burn away acne scar glands that produce the chemical for acne formation. This both effectively rids the client of scars and effectively prevents future acne. The process usually takes less than an hour, and is reasonably priced. Recovery times vary depending on how extensive the scarring was. However, recovery usually takes between one and two weeks.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are another type of scar treatment that patients with acne scarring often look to because of their reputation for success. Chemical peels are a form of acne scar treatment that can reduce scars on the hand, neck, chest, back or face. Chemical peels have the ability to rid patients of mild scarring from factors like acne or sun damage. The procedure for a chemical peel acne scarring treatment is fairly simple. A layer of chemicals is spread around the area that is being treated. These chemicals consist of an acidic base which, when removed, takes with it the topmost layer of skin. Since this top layer contains the most aged cells, the chemical peel is able to erase the majority of the acne scarring by removing this layer of skin. It is important to note that there are different levels of chemical peels ranging from mild to deep. Mild peels do not penetrate the skin as much as deep peels do. Recovery time is shown to vary with the strength of the treatment.

Sugar Land Acne Scar Treatment

Dr. Polinger offers two forms of acne scarring treatment in Sugar Land, but both are shown to be highly effective and come highly recommended from the clients that have received them. Deciding whether to have this type of procedure is quite simple. You only have to ask yourself if you are satisfied with the scars on your body. The hope that you could erase these blemishes that create self-doubt and self-esteem issues could be reason enough to have you scrambling to ask your dermatologist if acne-scarring treatment is right for you.