Sugar Land Acne Treatment

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Sugar Land Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Think back to the many years that you spent in high school, praying that your acne would just disappear. Many teens fight with acne on a daily basis, although a single consultation with a dermatologist can assist in building an acne treatment plan that could prevent the acne from returning in the same fashion. Whether you are unfortunately afflicted with mild, moderate or severe acne, your Sugar Land dermatologist can absolutely find an acne treatment plan that will be effective for you. In many situations, a combination of acne fighting drugs is used in order to assure that the acne does not become resistant to one particular denomination of drug. Different forms of treatment and various forms of medication, such as lotions, jels or oral medicines, exist that could aid in curing your acne problems for good.

Acne Treatment Plans

Mild acne, such as whiteheads, pimples or blackheads, is compatible with simpler gentler acne treatment plans. These kinds of treatment plans usually involve gentle cleansing and the light use of various acids. However, it is essential that you contact your dermatologist in order to assure that you do in fact have mild acne and are using the correct ointments, creams and cleansers to resolve your acne issues. Mild acne can be annoying and can distract a teen from enjoying the awesome opportunities that they have at such an important age. Help your teen to stray away from acne by contacting a dermatologist to discuss acne treatment. If, by chance, the original prescription that your Sugar Land dermatologist gives you proves to be ineffective, you can always return for a second visit and leave with a second stronger prescription. Other options for mild acne include antibiotic lotions and medications that can assist in unclogging your pores.

Severe Acne

Moderate to severe acne, however, may require more strenuous treatments. Blemishes that reside deep beneath the skin that will likely leave behind unwelcome scars characterize this level of acne. In order to cope with this kind of acne, Sugar Land dermatologists are likely to include an oral antibiotic in your acne treatment routine. Other treatments, such as prescription retinoids, antibiotic gels, draining of pimples and cysts and oral retinoids, may also be necessary in order to formulate a proper acne treatment plan for this category of acne.

Acne Scars

So what if the acne has already left your face and only the scars that it left behind remain? Many procedures can work to remove acne scars. Be sure to consult with your Sugar Land dermatologist about whether or not scar removal procedures such as laser resurfacing or dermabrasion are a good fit for your personal acne treatment plan. These procedures can shrink and fade acne scars.

Sugar Land Acne Treatment

Acne can be an annoying and disturbing problem that can unnecessarily take control of your life. You should definitely seek help from your Sugar Land dermatologist in order to get the proper acne treatment that you need. However, keep in mind that many acne treatments are time consuming and can take up to eight weeks to have their full effect on the quality of your skin. Be sure to consult with your dermatologist about what your improvement expectations are. Your dermatologist is your partner in crime when it comes to battling acne. Be sure to share with him or her all of your concerns about the treatment process. Acne treatment can be lengthy, but it is definitely well worth the time and effort. So, what are you waiting for? Call your dermatologist today and begin formulating an acne treatment plan.